Learning Needle Turn Appliqué for Pulse Quilt Drive

Four hearts appliquéd onto fabric. The two on the left look very nice. The ones on the right...not so much.
I think it’s pretty obvious which hearts were appliquéd by Anna and which were appliquéd by yours truly.

This past Saturday Anna Boenish of Quilting Queerly was kind enough to teach me needle turn appliqué. The results are above. While I won’t be winning any prizes for my first effort, I was shocked (shocked!) at how much I enjoyed this kind of hand sewing. (The only hand sewing I’ve regularly done thus far is quilt binding and, while I don’t hate it, I don’t love it either. I just want the quilt done at that point.)

Anna and I had set up our Saturday appointment a while ago, but the lesson took on extra meaning when we decided to focus on appliquéd hearts. This way I could learn to make blocks for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild’s charity drive for victims and first responders of the Pulse Night Club shooting. Anna was an excellent instructor, and even though my efforts aren’t particularly attractive (and probably won’t be in my donated quilt), I could see vast improvement just between the start and finish of this one block. I look forward to posting about the final quilt later on this summer. #QuiltsForPulse