A Fabric Friday WIP: More Appliqué Hearts

3 quilt blocks with hearts cut out of different fabrics appliquéd on

I’m doing nothing but appliquéing right now, racing to get blocks done so I can assemble my contribution to #QuiltsforPulse by the end of July. My stitches are still somewhat Frankenstein-y/suture-y looking, but they are getting better.  I love that with each heart, I glean some new insight and can see the results improve!

I also love the fabrics I’m using. I already had Lotta Jansdotter Mormor layer cakes in my stash (see my most recent quilt top), and Mormor’s colored prints work well with the rainbow hearts quilt theme. Additionally, I think (hope!) Lotta’s hip Scandinavian design aesthetic will be appealing to most anyone who might receive this quilt.  I’m just as excited about the quilt block background fabric. I’m using a Cotton + Steel fabric (“XO Ghost”) that has visual interest on its own while still enabling the appliquéd hearts to really pop. (Okay, I admit it: I got into sewing simply because I love looking at fabric.)

This weekend I’ll be hosting an appliquéing party so friends can contribute to the quilt. Each attendee will appliqué one quilt block. However, no one coming already knows how to sew, so I’ll be teaching my friends how to appliqué. (Talk about the blind leading the blind.) Wish me luck and enjoy your weekend!

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